High quality service


JET Merchandising

Out of stock situations at point of sale are unnecessary and a missed sales opportunity at the same time. To ensure you don’t get into such a dire situation, JET Merchandising is at your side as an expert partner with our high quality shelf service.

A well regulated system, clarity and especially availability of goods and marketing materials at POS are absolutely indispensible factors to sell your products effectively. This is a task that has to be solved regularly in high traffic stores in particular. Our experienced JET merchandisers know what’s important in placing your products in the right light – in terms of organisation, logistics and initiative.

  • Market environment care

  • Creation and production of POS material

  • Increase in sell-out via POS care and maintaining contact with store employees

  • Direct communication

  • Efficient project execution

  • Years of experience

  • Specialised staff

  • Comprehensive shared merchandiser team

  • Optimum support for and dovetailing with your sales force

  • Extensive reporting through web-based tools

When people, brands and products all stack up

JET Merchandising follows a clear organisational structure to ensure you have the full range of services for all our thorough merchandising activities. Briefing, project management, handling logistics, quality assurance and reporting based on collected data are the cornerstones for consistently positive product presentation and trained and motivated employees.

To cater to our clients’ various needs, we have designed two different merchandising models – the Shared and the Flex model. Take advantage of our years of experience to present your brand and product in an ideal way. We have the system, the staff and the tried and trusted, clear procedures.